About us

What if you could, though?

You know how it feels when you’re not sure what’s going on at home or at the office, but you’re in a meeting and you can’t just pick up your phone to check?

That’s what we’re about. We believe that knowing what’s happening should be easy, and we’ve designed an app to make it so.

Our new product, NeuraVue, provides real-time updates to users about emergency events that is going on at their homes or businesses when they are away from the premises. Our platform is able to do this because it connects with indoor cameras installed by our clients in their homes and businesses. With this data and the latest AI technology, NeuraVue is able to detect any incongruities observed by those cameras and send an immediate alert to the user via our app. That way, users can react immediately to whatever issue may be occurring—whether it’s needing police assistance or simply turning off lights that have been left on.
we want to enable you to address emergency events on real-time basis